Stuart Wachs - Chief Executive Officer



Stuart has over 30 years’ experience in organization leadership, revenue development and operations with 21 years as a COO and CEO. His leadership roles have included both the COO and CEO of Industrial technology companies and he also serves as the United States representative of an international technology company. He has led organizations with operations in Industrial Technology, Advanced Analytics, Wellness, Service and Education sectors.  Stuart has also overseen multi-million-dollar capital raises and projects. His focus is on growth through purpose alignment and highly efficient operations. Over the years he has been a leader in developing business relationships and operational strategies that allow his organizations to improve performance, brand awareness and purpose fulfilment. Stuart has also been at the forefront of using technology platforms to improve performance. 

Stuart has been involved with project scoping, management and leadership with projects including SCADA, and has also led partnerships in the areas natural gas, traffic optimization and autonomous vehicles.  His project management/operations oversight experience include running an international Olympics with over 2,200 athletes, overseeing industrial SCADA projects, Commercial Solar Installations/Commissioning, Multi-million-dollar construction projects, US technology pilots and multi-million-dollar operations.

Robert Maxfield - Chief Technology Officer



Robert (Max) Maxfield – Chief Technology Officer

Robert has been working in the industrial controls field all of his professional career as an engineer and C level leader. He has extensive experience in engineering design, project management, integration, HMI Design/implementation, PLC code development and implementation and Historian integration. He has experience in and is certified with many of the industries top software vendors including GE IFIX, Wonderware, FactoryTalk, Ignition and Emerson. Robert has worked in a variety of industries including Power plants (coal and gas), switchgear, Oil and Gas, Water and Wastewater, mining, manufacturing and Landfill gas scrubbing.

In addition to his experience and expertise it is Robert's focus on client needs that sets him apart from the crowd as he receives outstanding commendations on not only his work ethic but also communication and dedication to the end user. His background from  working on the plant floor gives him a unique perspective in the industry and allows him to communicate with operations personnel to discern the inefficiencies in process and implementations. Robert has experience in developing and integrating projects that span the entire US and tie back to central national operations centers as well as developing and integrating systems in government facilities following strict guideline and procedures for compliance.