Industrial Automation & Integration


Industrial automation is our core business. Everything from control system design to turnover. We pride ourselves on the plant floor and work with numerous vendors to provide out clients with transparent solutions that best fit their needs

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)


 Never has there been a more exciting time in industrial automation, with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offering unprecedented possibilities. 

WachsField is at the forefront of this technology wave with our cutting-edge solutions that can deliver real value to improve your business. Innovation At Every Level is our promise to you — and we are delivering on this promise through open and interoperable system architecture and platform for facilities.

Industrial Networking and Security



Industrial network design requires a detailed understanding of the many regulations, protocols, equipment and specifics of a project.

IT level knowledge of network components and configuration is an absolute requirement in today’s world.

WachsField network engineers are trained in various network gear with certifications from ICS-CERT as well as Cisco Systems.

Legacy Systems Upgrades and Migration


Legacy systems still exist and we are here to support you!  We can work with Modbus, ControlNet, Profibus, DH+, etc. We can also help you develop a migration plant and a SCADA master control plan that will fit within your facility and your budgets!

Field Support


We offer maintenance programs for our clients as well as on call support programs. Even if you are not on one of our affordable plans we offer field service.Whether the problem lies with the PLC program, system wiring, instrumentation, HMI, Server/Client, or Network issues; our staff will be dilligent in solving your issues and getting you back to efficent operation. 

Workflow and Predictive


Do your operators and technicians know the right actions to take? Is your team overwhelmed with alarms and events? With Workflow, you can easily document processes, transfer knowledge and drive consistency and predictability into your plant. You can digitize manual and automated processes across your entire facility – from plant operators and maintenance teams to field crews and leadership.